CJ Grigsby

I’m a design and content strategist with an MBA from California College of the Arts. My background is in organizational development, change management, training & development, recruiting, sales & marketing. While I was building those business skills I lead a double life as a writer and illustrator – I also hold an MFA in writing from Pacific University. Design and content strategy is the perfect alchemy of those very different skillsets, allowing me to apply creative solutions to business problems.

I’ve worked with clients on human-centered design strategies employing foresight, qualitative research and iterative business model techniques across a spectrum of industries: building community & local innovation through the arts; redesigning the student job-seeker journey & talent pipeline for an employment startup; reimagining the retail sale & customer journey for a national retailer and redesigned inclusive changing room space for gym members at the YMCA.

My passion is connecting people to product. I’m a creative thinker, a compassionate leader, and a thoughtful contributor. I believe that communication is key. That brand identity is the through line to employee engagement, and that trust and integrity begins with leadership.